Tuesday 27 August 2013

Beta Fashion Project- Bee Love. Print Making

Hey guys!
This Summer has been an absolutely crazy one! I'm sorry I haven't been here as much as I should BUT!!! I have some really exciting news to share with you all very soon. EEEK!! This secret has been keeping me very busy and will be something to look forward to in the new year! Can you guess :)

But in the mean time I've been designing prints for Beta Fashion's new project "Dreaming in Colour"  
Its great fun and a brilliant oppotunity for students and unknown print designers to get their work out there and possibly produced! (They do the most BEAUTIFUL silk scarves and as if I wasn't addicted enough already huh!)

Anyway I wanted to share with you how I start my Print Designing.... I ALWAYS start with hand drawing whether its the outline or a detail or anything that comes to mind it just helps stop the image looking too stiff and computerised... (if that's even a real word?!)
Then, usually using a combination of promarkers, pencils and watercolours I start to build up a background image that I can use as my colour story so the work has a strong theme running through it. This can be inspired from the subject itself or wherever your whim takes you!

I created this background image using Promarkers and pencils. I layered them adding more and more detail each time. I then scanned the image in on my printer (wahoo technology!) and edited the colours in Photoshop to get a good match to what I wanted! Now seeing as hexagons work wonderfully with bees, and they work wonderfully with them (hello honey, i'm home) I layered them ontop slightly adjusting the transparency!

With a little more playing around I managed to create a final image I was proud of!


I then repeated the pattern and rotated it to get a good repeat print!

Ohhhhh I just love it when it's repeated!!!!

If you love it too will you please VOTE for my print HERE!!! 

I hope you like my little tutorial and if you do, I'd really appreciate your support in this competition! Thanks!!!


Tuesday 4 June 2013

New projects and bad posting

Hello my loves.
I don't know why I am being such a bad blogger but it's the summer now, I have 13 GLORIOUS FUN FILLED WEEKS FOR YOU ALL! TUTORIALS AND EVERYTHING!!!!! I hope you're as excited I am! I've been working on some new projects to show you but here is a little something I made yesterday. It was fun and messy two thing that I love.

Say hello to my beautiful kiss clasp bag!!! I am working on a few new projects for you inspired by this and can't wait to finish them all to show you!

 The bags the other girls made :)

Aren't they beautiful!?

I learnt this at The Make It Room they run super craft workshops I even teach some there myself!

I'm trying to curb the lost feeling I get so often in the Summer when I have no definite plans. With all the freedom and time to do what ever I want I end up doing.... nothing. Which makes me feel completely uninspired so I'm trying waking up early LIST MAKING (my favourite) and keeping busy. Strictly NO sitting down! But I think I need some help, how do you keep organised and efficient on your holidays???


Thanks :)

Jess xx

Saturday 25 May 2013

Being a better blogger. Plus Instapost!

Hey guys!
I know I've been a bit scatty the past few months but this uni year has been a little mad SO as disorganised as I am I have made the decision to become ORGANISED. You who know me may laugh... but a girl can try! So out comes a brand new diary... paper clips, staples, folders and bin bags. (tidy room/office first step)...
Does anyone have any advice!? ahhh!

But here to try and ease myself back into the blogging swing is a little instapost :)
1. Still unsure about all over pink..
2. VERY sure about new pink shoes!
3. My handsome little man
4. Rare sunny day in the garden calls for summer hair :)
5. A little less pink... One wash in!
6. Votes please, pink or purple!?
7. Another puppy shot. ahhhhwwww
8. BANGS OR NO BANGS??? what is a girl to do?!

Anyway my loves, I hope to hear a lot more from you all this summer and you hear a lot more from me, TUTORIALS COMING YOUR WAY SOON!!!


P.S follow me on instagram! Follow @jesstimefortea

Friday 12 April 2013

Sneak Peak! Crafts Beautiful Magazine!

Hey my loves!!
I have something VERY exciting for you today!

LOOK! Crafts Beautiful Magazine posted a sneak peak photos of my cakes that I made for their June Issue!
It was a really interesting project for me as I hadn't made cakes of this size before, always smaller! But these were at least 5cm wide! But then I had a SUPER idea!!! I thought I could make replicas of Wedding cakes so you can always have a little bit of it... what do you think?
Anyway I am super excited to see the whole article, I promise to post photos when I get a copy!

Oh and one last thing...


This is Bramley, he's our 14 week old Bouvier Des Flandres! You might remember my Buster  we were dogless for 6months but now we have this little trouble maker. HE IS TOO CUTE!!!

Talk soon! Oh and don't forget, not long left to go on my GIVEAWAY!!

Jess xxx

Sunday 7 April 2013


Hey guys!!

New blog design! As promised!! Plus an exciting new give-away for you all :)

What do you think of these bad boys!!!? I'm putting them on my Etsy shop later today and I'm quite excited about it! I have loads of these little glass vials and I will be filling them with all lovely things. So how about a little GIVEAWAY!!?? (i know, i know, I can feel you're excitement from here! the screams, the cheers, the rallying around your friends to get as many entries as you can. Who can blame you, NOT ME!!! I encourage you completely... going a little off subject here i know...let me get back to the point) ... Yes, a giveaway!

I've been away for a long time now so lets kick things off with a BANG!
You are entering to win these earrings shown above!- Good luck! These are from my little online shop, have a look there for more adorable items!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck to you all!

Jess xx

P.s What do you think of my new blog design! -It's not finished yet, but i've run out of time for today!!!

Saturday 6 April 2013

One year Discount!!!

This weeks birthday celebrations are continuing!!! 

I am offering a wonderful 25% off in my online Etsy shop! Time for Tea both blog and beads was born around this time last year and I want to celebrate by offering you lovelies a discount!!!

Use coupon code: TIMEFORTEA1YEAR to recieve a tasty 25% off your purchase!

Here are some of the goodies you could buy!

Go on, have a look around, treat yourself!!

Jess xXx

Thursday 4 April 2013

Birthdays! - MISSED YA'LL

Hey Tea Birds! Remember me??? 

Well you could say that I have been in hibernating but the truth is I'm back at Uni and this year is far more intense than last! But I celebrated my 21st birthday this week! (CAN I GET A WOOOOOOHOO please).
No, 21 isn't that much of a big deal here, it's nothing that I couldn't do already! BUT more importantly little mr blog right here turned ONE! My babies growing up!!!

Since I have been neglectful I am working on a SUPER new blog design for you all to apologise and I look forward to spending the rest of the year with you wonderful people!!

Hey, i'm back.

Jess xxx

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