Saturday, 25 May 2013

Being a better blogger. Plus Instapost!

Hey guys!
I know I've been a bit scatty the past few months but this uni year has been a little mad SO as disorganised as I am I have made the decision to become ORGANISED. You who know me may laugh... but a girl can try! So out comes a brand new diary... paper clips, staples, folders and bin bags. (tidy room/office first step)...
Does anyone have any advice!? ahhh!

But here to try and ease myself back into the blogging swing is a little instapost :)
1. Still unsure about all over pink..
2. VERY sure about new pink shoes!
3. My handsome little man
4. Rare sunny day in the garden calls for summer hair :)
5. A little less pink... One wash in!
6. Votes please, pink or purple!?
7. Another puppy shot. ahhhhwwww
8. BANGS OR NO BANGS??? what is a girl to do?!

Anyway my loves, I hope to hear a lot more from you all this summer and you hear a lot more from me, TUTORIALS COMING YOUR WAY SOON!!!


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