Friday, 12 April 2013

Sneak Peak! Crafts Beautiful Magazine!

Hey my loves!!
I have something VERY exciting for you today!

LOOK! Crafts Beautiful Magazine posted a sneak peak photos of my cakes that I made for their June Issue!
It was a really interesting project for me as I hadn't made cakes of this size before, always smaller! But these were at least 5cm wide! But then I had a SUPER idea!!! I thought I could make replicas of Wedding cakes so you can always have a little bit of it... what do you think?
Anyway I am super excited to see the whole article, I promise to post photos when I get a copy!

Oh and one last thing...


This is Bramley, he's our 14 week old Bouvier Des Flandres! You might remember my Buster  we were dogless for 6months but now we have this little trouble maker. HE IS TOO CUTE!!!

Talk soon! Oh and don't forget, not long left to go on my GIVEAWAY!!

Jess xxx


  1. That doggy is so cute!! I want a little pooch so much! Happy Friday!!
    xx. McKenna Lou


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