Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Beta Fashion Project- Bee Love. Print Making

Hey guys!
This Summer has been an absolutely crazy one! I'm sorry I haven't been here as much as I should BUT!!! I have some really exciting news to share with you all very soon. EEEK!! This secret has been keeping me very busy and will be something to look forward to in the new year! Can you guess :)

But in the mean time I've been designing prints for Beta Fashion's new project "Dreaming in Colour"  
Its great fun and a brilliant oppotunity for students and unknown print designers to get their work out there and possibly produced! (They do the most BEAUTIFUL silk scarves and as if I wasn't addicted enough already huh!)

Anyway I wanted to share with you how I start my Print Designing.... I ALWAYS start with hand drawing whether its the outline or a detail or anything that comes to mind it just helps stop the image looking too stiff and computerised... (if that's even a real word?!)
Then, usually using a combination of promarkers, pencils and watercolours I start to build up a background image that I can use as my colour story so the work has a strong theme running through it. This can be inspired from the subject itself or wherever your whim takes you!

I created this background image using Promarkers and pencils. I layered them adding more and more detail each time. I then scanned the image in on my printer (wahoo technology!) and edited the colours in Photoshop to get a good match to what I wanted! Now seeing as hexagons work wonderfully with bees, and they work wonderfully with them (hello honey, i'm home) I layered them ontop slightly adjusting the transparency!

With a little more playing around I managed to create a final image I was proud of!


I then repeated the pattern and rotated it to get a good repeat print!

Ohhhhh I just love it when it's repeated!!!!

If you love it too will you please VOTE for my print HERE!!! 

I hope you like my little tutorial and if you do, I'd really appreciate your support in this competition! Thanks!!!


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