Tuesday, 4 June 2013

New projects and bad posting

Hello my loves.
I don't know why I am being such a bad blogger but it's the summer now, I have 13 GLORIOUS FUN FILLED WEEKS FOR YOU ALL! TUTORIALS AND EVERYTHING!!!!! I hope you're as excited I am! I've been working on some new projects to show you but here is a little something I made yesterday. It was fun and messy two thing that I love.

Say hello to my beautiful kiss clasp bag!!! I am working on a few new projects for you inspired by this and can't wait to finish them all to show you!

 The bags the other girls made :)

Aren't they beautiful!?

I learnt this at The Make It Room they run super craft workshops I even teach some there myself!

I'm trying to curb the lost feeling I get so often in the Summer when I have no definite plans. With all the freedom and time to do what ever I want I end up doing.... nothing. Which makes me feel completely uninspired so I'm trying waking up early LIST MAKING (my favourite) and keeping busy. Strictly NO sitting down! But I think I need some help, how do you keep organised and efficient on your holidays???


Thanks :)

Jess xx


  1. Wow, the bags are sooo pretty. I have to say, your bag definitely stands out from the other ones, great choice of fabric!
    Looking forward to future posts. ^_^


  2. oh my goodness those bags are stunning! And they were all handmade?? Makes me wish I was more crafty! Can't wait for your tutorials! :)

    Rachel Emma
    Daydream Frenzy


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