Saturday, 21 July 2012

*NEW* Celebrate Saturday and all this week with- Make it Week!

Hey Tea Birds!!

Welcome to my BRAND NEW!!! feature!! It's called 'Make it Week' and once a month, for a whole week I will take over my entire blog with tutorials! I hear you all cheering, and I'm here cheering with you (can I get a WOOT?!) It will consist of as many tutorials as I can physically post in a week (as well as the possibility of guest tutorial posts!! Message me if you want to take part! 

As well... At the bottom of each post I would LOVE you all to post YOUR tutorial posts! New and old!
Just to share the joy of crafty crafty tutorials! (or foody- Im not fussy, just hungry for tutorials!)


I would love love love you to share this with your followers to spread the tutorial word!

I hope you like this new feature!

are there any tutorials that you would like to see?

Jess xox

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