Sunday, 22 July 2012

Make it week! Project ONE!

Hey there Tea birds!

Welcome to Day 1 of tutorial week!

I am super excited for this new monthly feature! Where as explained yesterday I will post AS MANY  of my very own tutorials as humanly possible! I hope that you will all help me spread the word and share my tutorials! As well as have a go yourselves and share yours with me!

So here we go! ( this tutorial can also be seen here on buzzfeed- Go ahead and vote for my tutorial please :) )

Wall hanger photo frame!
What you'll need!
Craft PVA
Small pegs
Hangers- I used kids hangers because they are wayyy cuter!
Fabric scraps
Leftover wool and string
AND OF COURSE your photos!

Step 1. Use the pva to glue down strips of your chosen fabrics. You can wrao, twist, turn, tear any way you like!

Step 2. Use the wool/ string/ fabric in thinner strips to cover those awkward places!

Step 3. Fix everything again with glue to secure!

Step 4. Tie string to each end of the hanger and use the pegs to hang the photos from!


And that's it! You're done! I love this because its so easy to change your photos as you take new ones, or change them for a specific event or theme. 

I hope you like #1 of Make it Week!

Jess xox


  1. very cute indeed! will definitely try this!

  2. So pretty! :) Can't wait to see more tutorials.

  3. I hate hangers ! But this way they are more bearable, it's cute !


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