Monday, 16 July 2012

Make it Mauve Monday- Hair Glare

Hey Tea Timers!

Hope you are all well and a very happy Monday to you all!

I've had a few hair tutorial requests after the pink hair talk in this tutorial!

So here it is! My latest hair + tutorial! :) It really is easy!

1. Brush your hair! This will make the dye spread so much easier!

2. Mix the dye! I mix mine with conditioner to make it go further, so I can have different shades of the same colour AND so I can achieve those super cute summer pastels!

3. Separate your hair! I divide mine into top and bottom so that I apply the lightest to the bottom and the darker to the top!

4. Now apply! I use my hands to spread the dye throughout my hair that way I can feel when it's completely saturated!

5. Let down your hair! Now use the darker colour on the rest!

6. Wrap yourself up! I use clingfilm to wrap my hair so I cannot get the dye anywhere, plus it looks super funny!

7. Wait!! I left the dye on for half an hour to ensure an intense colour. Once the time is up I rinse it under warm water until the water runs clear, then I shampoo and condition it, and style as normal!

and tada! Pastel perfect summer hair!

Here are some fun ways to show off your new colour!!

I hope you guys like it as much as I do!!

Talk soon,

Jess xox

p.s WHAT COLOUR NEXT?! you guys decide and the colour with the most votes wins! I promise I'll do it!


  1. Hello! I just found your blog and it's so sweet I'm in love!! =)

    I'm following now:)


  2. Absolutely LOVE! What product do you use for dye?

    1. Hey, I use la riche Directions because there are just so many colours! :)

  3. Gorgeous! I wish I saw this last night, I coloured the underside of my hair pastel pink for the first time! But I did what you said anyway. Your hair looks gorgeous! Also, I nominated you for the Liebster award over at :)

  4. This is so pretty! Found you on Wonder Forest! I can't follow right now because my GFC is being weird but I will once it fixes. :) I would do this but it wouldn't stay on my dark hair.

  5. This is really, really pretty, girl!

    I nominated ya for the Liebster Award, also, over at

  6. Loving the hair colour Jess - my sister has a hair colour business -

  7. hi! just wondering what kind of braid the fourth hair style is - it's above the fishtail braid. it looks lovely, by the way!

  8. I love this! So much fun. I did the same with pink, but lavender is definitely my favorite shade. It looks perfect with your hair color!

  9. So happy i came across your blog it's just delightful! I'm a new follower!

    Love your hair here i think i'm definately going to give it a go! I've tried pink chalk out on mine, you can see it in a picture at the bottom of my blog at the moment in the 'week in photos' post! xx


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