Saturday, 14 July 2012

Celebrate Saturday! Instaday!

Hey tea birds!

This was my today :), tell me about yours!

1+2. What an English summer calls for! Wind and non stop rain!
3+6. Quality kitty cat time purrfect,yah!
4. Beautiful bird book to make many bird books, tah-wit-tah-woooo!
5. Hello knitting project, hello bambi, hello the best thing ever!

7+8+9+10. Today's buys books galore and more butterflies for my walls- I'll show ya sometime!


  1. those butterflies are awesome. they remind me of my grandma's house when i was a little little.

  2. Your pics are the cutest things! I am trying to contact you but I am unable to gain access to your email. :) Can you help me out doll?

    Nina from


Thank you for your comments :) I'll always reply to your messages as quickly as I can!

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