Sunday, 26 August 2012

can there be two of me please?

hey tea birds!

its been a hectic few weeks and for that i have neglected blogging, too right i am too sorry, never again! I hope you haven't missed me as much as i've missed you?! But because of this dreaded time apart (i feel like when lorelai and rory are reunited after their time apart HOOT IF YOU LOVE GILMORE GIRLS) I just need another me to do all the boring things while i spend ALL my time on you guys!

Do you get that feeling ever?

so, what's new with you?



  1. I really love these photos. They are beautiful and I love the mirror effect it adds to much to it! I am glad your back and look forward to more posts.
    Almost Endearing

  2. gorgeous photos. and yes i definitely feel that way almost all the time ha.

  3. Definitely! I wish I could spend all of my time blogging. Lovely pictures by the way!

  4. Can we just talk about how fabulous your hair is? SOOOO Fabulous! I just can't even stand it ;)

  5. Your blog is sooo pretty just like you! I have the exact same problem where I have my degree to do and then when I neglect my blog I get blogger guilt :( xxx

  6. Gorgeous photos! Absolutely love your hair. xx

  7. These pictures are stunning! Also, I agree ^^ I am so envious of your hair! And your cutoff shorts. Yay for Gilmore Girls, I watched all the seasons in a row last summer!

  8. You're pretty, and it's too bad there's not two of you. You two could be best friends.


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