Monday, 12 November 2012

Make your own recycled ball of yarn! (I've missed you guys!)

HELLO! How are you all!? It's been far too long. It's been a crazy couple of months and I know... I've neglected you! I'll try not to again! But here!! Is a great little winter tutorial where you really feel like you've made something almost from scratch! Plus it's recycled too! Which makes you feel even better :) and that makes it cheap! HOORAH!!

Here it goes!!

At least 3 old stretch t-shirts in any colours
A pair of scissors
Knitting needles

Start by cutting all the seams and edges off your t-shirts. For example I cut off the seams, neckline and sleeves (because mines short sleeves it int really worth the effort, there isn't enough fabric really to save here as the strips are too small. However if yours are long sleeves that's a lot of fabric so use them!)

 Now, Cut the t-shirt into strips about half an inch wide. I fold the t-shirt in half because then its half the amount of cutting! This is the important part: You want to cut the fabric the way that it stretches. By that I mean most t shirts will stretch around the stomach rather than in the length this is to accommodate all our different shapes and sizes! So just think about it as you are cutting the t-shirt as if you want to make it shorter in the length! Like a crop top, but all the way to the top!

Gather your strips up and move onto the next t shirt!

This will soon be your yarn!!

To make this into one long piece of yarn what you need to do is snip a hole in both ends of every strip. Once this is done all you have to do is thread one strip through the hole in the next and loop it back through the hole in it's other end and then pull it tight. It's that easy! Now you just have to do it to the rest. Once you have done a few and before you start to roll it into a ball you have to pull the yarn all the way between your hands, you will see it starts to double in length. This is why it is important that you cut the fabric in the right direction.

Say hello to your beautiful upcycled yarn!!!!

Now, you may ask... What can I do with this now? How can I use it? WELL... I was dying for a snood, a good old tubular scarf! And these are my winter colours! So i cast on 70 stitches on 8mm needles and ribbed every 2 stitches. It is so so warm!!!! And comfortable too! I haven't taken it off :) If you don't want to do that you could knit a normal scarf or maybe even a cushion cover. Why not crochet with it?! When I have time and enough rubbish t shirts that I don't wear anymore I'm going to make a blanket! I cant imagine anything more warm and cosy! 

I hope you like my tutorial! And I promise more to come soon!

What have you been up to this winter??

Jess xxxxx


  1. The color combo is beautiful!

  2. This is the neatest! Can't wait to try. xoxo

  3. You're amazing. :) Seriously so talented. I love this DIY. I've missed you far too much! I think we should be fb friends, if you have it!

  4. rad tutorial! i love the colours and your pic :)

    Happy new year

  5. Absolutely brilliant! The possibilities are endless!

  6. Absolutely brilliant! The possibilities are endless!


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