Monday, 17 September 2012

Instasept- it's September!? Did anyone notice?

Hey tea birds and September bugs.
Happy happy Monday to you all and where did that come from? September too,talk about out of the blue. I swear if you're on holiday for the beginning of the month it's like hat month never even happens... Or is that just me?

1. This is QUITE CLEARLY my "HOLIDAY TOMORROW" face, never mind the fact we had to get up before the sun even showed its pretty bright face.
2. Finally at the beautiful beach week, swoon swoon. Come back August, let's do it again. I want sun sand and sea in my eyes. Because what's the beach without a little bit of pain. Gotta be with me here!
3. Goodbye beach. Sob sob. No words
4. A beautiful welcome home from kitten. Nice belly. She's a tart my puss. As soon as a man is in the house, she's on her back. HO
5. Oh wait, not a welcome home just a nap. Thanks...
6. Now she notices, I missed you too,monkey.
7. Girly day out eee
8. With my new shorts big love sale
9. Pink hair &&& pj day. Heart heart heart
10. So when boyfriend got home, he moaned. Had to get dressed. The employed always envy couch days. And I envy money.

Hope you all have a lovely day! :)

Jess xox

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  1. Great snapshots! I love seeing other people's Instagram photos! I'm still trying to squeeze in as many beach days as I can before it gets too cold and I LOVE the pink hair!


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