Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Happy one year pt.2

Hello my loves and tea birds! I know I've been absent this past week or so but I just have felt deflated I'm sure you all get the feeling! But today is my anniversary with my lovely boy and it's a long story but the is our second first anniversary... Details another time! I spent the day baking peanut butter cups, his favourite AND Oreo cheesecake cake his favourite three things- cheesecake cake and Oreos ahhh. Personally, cheesecake YUCK. But even for a cheesecake hater I liked it! Will post link to recipe tomorrow it's one pretty amazing blog too :) hope you've all had a beautiful day, Jess xox


  1. ahhhh - loves young dream !! Happy Anniversary xxx

  2. This cake looks aboslutely delicious! Ahhh I want!



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