Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Make it Week! Tutorial #8 Thanks Gentri Lee!

Hey my loves and tea birds :)

For our second tutorial I am handing over to the wonderful Gentri Lee! She is a lovely person and my favourite in the blogosphere, Thumbs up to you, you top lady! So here it is Gentri, over to you!


Hey guys!
Gentri here, from my blog Gentri Lee. I LOVE Jess's blog and am so excited to be sharing one of my favorite DIY's with you for her new DIY series!
Today I'm going to share with you my suitcase makeover. Ok, so I only made over the inside, and I still plan on doing more to it. BUT I thought I'd show you all the same. So enjoy this un-finished, half project. haha!

As you can see in the "Step 1" picture (below), this suitcase's inards were not pretty. Unless by pretty you mean pretty gross. I couldn't stand it anymore, so I just tore it all out.
Step 1- tear everything out. If you want to make a pattern out of the backing that is already inside- go for it. Mine was so torn up and complicated that I just threw it all out.
Step 2- Sand (if it's a wood suitcase), clean, and remove all rusted hardware. Yours might be in better condition than mine was. But I'd still start as fresh as possible. You don't know where they've been.
Step 2.5- (no picture) Measure the inside of your suitcase and cut fabric and batting to fit.
Step 3- I contemplated many ways to do this and in the end decided the trusty hot glue gun would be my best option. I laid the fabric and batting in the suitcase and glued the center and base first. Then I moved to the walls of the suitcase. I folded the top edges over and glued them so it gave me a folded edge. It left me with a nice, crisp, fluffy edge. I did that on each straight edge and folded the corners in on themselves as I went.
Step 4- I had enough fabric left over for a pillow. It's just a basic square pillow with a strip of fabric tacked on and tied in a knot.

What do you think??
Now I'm not worried about touching the inside, or embarrassed about leaving it open and spilling over with blankets! Plus the makeover got rid of that old, musty, grandma smell. haha!
I hope you enjoyed and that it made sense! I know I'm no good at these tutorials. I never have patience for "during" photos. :P
Pin It Thank you so much, Jess for letting me share this. I hope you all enjoyed it!!


Now tell me how much you love her! I sure do! Visit her because she truly is SUCH an amazing person! (I'm not going to lie... lady crush!)

Talk soon and I hope you enjoyed tutorial #8!

Jess xox


  1. Now all I need is a old suitcase...where are you amazing vintage stores?

  2. Very cute!! I am OBSESSED with suitcases. I generally collect them from charity shops, jumble sales & family members.

    Will definately try this with one of my many suitcases! XD



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