Monday, 23 July 2012

Make it Week! Tutorial #4!

Hey lovelies!

Remember this!?

Last weeks Tutorial Sneak Peak!? Well this little baby (THE COLLAR) is actually revisable (insert gasps of awe now...) And here is the tutorial for it :)

Peter pan felt collar- Reversible 

What you'll need!

A piece of double sided felt (LEARN HOW HERE)
A length of ribbon, about 50cm (20")
Needle and cotton
Beads- Optional

Cut your collar tabs into your desired shape (I went simple but considering some more angular or even scalloped designs!)

  After tying the ribbon around your neck and placing where you want your collar tabs to go, Sew on.
I am sewing on with beads to add a little extra embellishment!

Keep sewing until you have done both sides!

And your finished!! Tie around your neck with a knot or a bow and wear over the top of simple tops and jumpers to add something new to your look :)

I hope you like it!!

Thanks, Jess xox

STILL TUTORIAL HUNGRY!?- Try these places!

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