Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Blog plan, My may promises!

So you all know, and can tell that I'm pretty new at this... And I also know that there aren't many of you out there! So to tie me down ( I am a woman with a plan and a plan with a woman I am) there will be weekly features that I WILL, no... MUST do.
As an arty type I pride myself on my disorganised chaos- pride wrong word... I know I should be ashamed but... who has the time! 

So in a few words... (silly me, I mean pictures) These will be my features! (Silly, silly me, I mean pictures and words)

Roll up roll up! Announcement time!

Where I will post tutorials, things I've made or ideas and challenges for you to make throughout the day (and perhaps email me your versions and I will do a post dedicated to them!)

As a student of fashion (If I can't use my degree anywhere else I will jolly well use it here!! haha!) I will post what I'm wearing, trends and little bits that I've made or find interesting- Feel free to send me your photos too :)

This is where I will post interviews, things I've bought or do you know what- anything I feel like! But another day I promise to post!

So there you go my loves, My promises to you. What do you promise?
(not to me-but in general!)

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