Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Let me introduce myself...

Hi, I'm Jess

I'm terrible at having my photo taken.

I suppose I should tell you a little abut myself...
I've just turned 20 years old and how scary is that to no longer be a teenager! I'll tell you how scary I almost peed my pants. Metaphorically! I live in a city just outside London, you'd think "exciting!" but no. 
I spend most of my time working from home on my Etsy shop (as of a few weeks ago anyway) and the rest of my time studying Fashion Design BA.
I LOVE polymer clay and my man of choice (^^^-isn't he yummy! he'll kill me for saying that!)

I have a bad temper, never wear the same thing twice and dance like the wonderful kate bush-she's a dream boat. I love my cameras and tea, but not at the same time (so  so so clumsy). I only wear my socks inside out and I'm always falling over.

I am the epitome of grace! All in all, I'm very pleased to meet you :)

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