Thursday 20 September 2012

you go back to her and i go back to... pink?

Hey hey hey! Happy Thursday! Hope you're all well. 

Let me give you the run through of this tutorial! I was a little bored of having vaguely cotton candy coloured hair, if this was all over my thick thick head of hair I would be only too happy. However I am too scared of taking that leap. So, the bolder the better? Right? I don't know but I'm pleased with how this turned out!!! What do you think!?

1. Make sure hair is tangle free! For me, MASSIVE deal (I just have to look at my hair and knots appear. I have learnt to deal with it, eventually. I just have to live off 4 day hair. Yes, four day hair is when it does what its told. When styling AND look peaks. "Gross" some of you may say- you everyday washers and I envy you and your silken flowing locks but I, Jessica must live with goodlookin' dirty hair.- Once I didn't brush my hair for six weeks. Yes, I can hear the screams now. don't judge. I looked just like the love of my life heart russell brand heart and several small rodent families formed a nest at the back of my head. I was never alone. Anyway off point) your hair can be dry, wet, dirty or clean it just has to be knot free.
2. Section hair up. I went for the top/bottom approach however the left/right is also acceptable especially if you hair is thinner, If you have bushman hair like mine that is too thick to swing a cat at (not endorsing animal cruelty in anyway, totally against it. Just a figure of speech) then the top/bottom technique is best.
3. The fun part begins. I decided to go for dark tulip and violet (La Riche- Directions) and used conditioner to make the colours lighter in places. I literally just stuck a paint brush in one pot, onto my hair and then back in the pot, into the conditioner, back onto hair rub with hand covered in cling film. Bish bash bosh done. (Thinking about recreating famous painting in my hair how about Monets Water lily's next?)
5. If like me you are too lazy to find gloves then you will end up with pink hand, AS SEEN ABOVE. It WILL come off... eventually. I joke I usually bath while waiting to the colour to develop and it comes off then.
6. BEAUTIFULLY wrap your hair up in a shower hat or cling film to protect clothes/furniture and to stop your shoulders, neck and in my case back turning peculiar colours.
7. Rinse until water comes clear.


I hope you like this super easy tutorial!

Try a new colour this season!

Jess xox
p.s excited to see how this colour fades!


  1. I LOVE YOUR HAIR!!! I have done pink pieces a few times but I am so afraid to commit, haha!

  2. I've done this with my hair before but wanted to join you in your dirty looks better hair. I too wash my hair as little as possible and barely brush it. It's wavy and thick and long, why make it out of control. I know it's dirty when it gets curly and then it's pretty so why wash it. :)

  3. I came here from and what you said about four day hair made me fall off my chair laughing. Applause to you!! I used to actually live with five to six day hair since my hair was so long it hung all the way down my back to where my well behind began but then I cut it and now I live with boring hair. Several day hair for the win!!

  4. You are gorgeous.
    And you can pull off bright hair so well! I love it!

  5. That looks awesome! I really wanted to try dip dye too but I was worried it would damage my hair. I got these instead - dip dye hair extensions They’re available at and there's some gorgeous colours. I got the turquoise one! Kate x


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